Intrepid Coalition


Welcome home, Adventurer!

A Final Fantasy XIV Roleplay Free Company

Coalition Headquarters

IC is a level 30 Role Play Free Company, Located in the Goblet, W2 P38 on NA Mateus, Crystal data center.

Companions' Rest

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening from 9pm to 12am EST, our doors open to the public for our soup and sandwich venue known as the Companions' Rest.


We aim to participate in many activities and events as a community. Everything from helping clear MSQ and treasure hunting to sitting around roleplaying and developing our characters stories.

Interested in Joining?

We seek to provide the atmosphere for our members to enjoy a lore following and inclusive roleplay experience. Character development is important to us and we want to be there for all of the the happy times, the sad times, and the fun times. We welcome all lore compatible neutral good aligned character types.

Who are the Coalitionists?

Once, three friends formed a company that sought to bring relief to the downtrodden and broken members of the world. They created a company known as the Intrepid Coalition. Brave, daring, and sometimes mischievous, these three sought assistance from the bankers and money keepers in Ul’dah. While most opposed giving money, others saw the benefit of having a significant write-off for charitable reasons. They became known as the Benefactors, faceless and nameless persons who ensure the Coalitionists have what is necessary to serve those in need. To aid in their funding, Coalitionists take on jobs that no one else wants to do, along with hosting a soup and sandwich shop to cater to the hungry adventurers of the star in which they live.While the three friends have gone off to seek further adventures, the mission remains the same by the Viera woman who inherited the cause—seeking out those who wish to call themselves a Coalitionist, helping to gain the trust and love of the community, and create a chosen family among their fellows.Welcome Home, Adventurer.

Activities and Events

Intrepid Coalition is a small, growing company. With that, we have Coalitionists who are various levels, skill sets, jobs and classes. We enjoy doing contents both solo and together as a team. You will never have to wait long for a queue with us. Activities and events that we currently enjoy are as follows:Roleplaying:
- Social Roleplaying: Hanging around the company house chatting as our characters.
- Roleplaying Events: Actively GMing a table top like session. This sometimes includes Roleplaying through dungeons.
- Holiday Themed Roleplay Events: All in-game holiday celebrations may have a roleplay party to celebrate the passage of time in the game. Everything from decorating a Starlight Sentinel to watching the fireworks in Costa Del Sol during the Moonfire Faire.
- Duty Roulettes/Trials: We go down the list
- Mount Farming: Ponies, Birds, Dogs, we collect them all.
- Treasure Maps: We run level 70/80/90 maps with Free-for-All rules.
- Holiday celebrations: Team up with fellow Coalitionists to complete events.

Join Intrepid Coalition!

We are so excited that you are interested in joining us. Please take a moment to fill out the application provided and one of the members of leadership will reach out to you as soon as possible. Remember, we are all human and lives outside of the game, please allow 24 hours for a response from one of our leaders.

Core Values

As a Coalitionist, we follow these principles as individuals and as a company both in character and out of character:Kindness, empathy, and respect above all else. These are the things that differentiate a random group of players from a tight-knit company. We can be our best in an environment we know to be a safe space. We are an all-inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly free company with a zero tolerance policy on hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or harassment of any kind.Elitism has no place in our free company, some of us have known each other for years but you'll find no cliques here. From sprouts to savage raiders, we welcome players of all levels of experience. There’s room for all types of coalitionist; from roleplayers to omnicrafters. No one should feel pressured to play or do anything they’re not interested in doing.Communication is essential. For us to create and keep a great community, it is important for everyone to communicate clearly and with consideration. If there are problems, please reach out to any company member with Keeper of Keys or Keyholder role, and we will do the best we can to assist in resolving the issue. Just remember we are all adults and you should attempt to handle it on your own first.

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Syrenead Tormelodos

Keeper of the Keys

Botanist, mender, salve-maker, mother, all titles that the smaller-than-normal Veena woman boasts along with a strong work ethic; wanting the best for the company and its members.Syri is loved by many who have joined the company with her bright and cheerful personality, which she gives out freely to all who cross her path naturally.

Alfric Braddock


A bounty hunter with a long and accomplished career, Alfric Braddock is the successor to the late bounty hunter, Silas Glauveford. Renowned for his combat prowess and magitek knowledge, he lends his strength to those who can pay his fees, or earn his trust.Known for his humor and wit, he is loyal to his family and friends. Alfric volunteers his skills and leadership to the Coalition, leading and directing expeditions into Eorzea and training Coalitions in the ways of combat.

Em Hagane


Em Hagane is a former samurai from Doma, with a no-nonsense attitude. With a doer's mindset, she's used to taking on tasks that others refuse. Especially the tasks that are necessary.She may have a philosophy that is hard to understand, but rest assured that she will do everything she can to make sure things go smoothly.

Saintly Vegurwesfv


More about Saintly coming soon.

Ystride Ignemortel

Jr. Keyholder

The resident Monetarist and Accountant, working between and with the various benefactors of the Company and ensuring payroll and taxes are dealt with in a timely manner.She's quick minded and efficient in her work, but also open and affable. While stiff and formal, given time she relaxes and is willing to help the Coalition in any way she can.

Combat System for <IC>
(Work in Progress)

The Basics

First and foremost we are a ROLE playing group not a ROLL playing group. We allow you the option to roll first in this so that you can be as creative as you want/need to for your character's abilities. Your job role does not limit your ability to describe your characters talents.Active combat, event, and field activities use the basic /random 20 system, with some subjective changes based on your character, the event itself, and current environment standings.Rolling success is based on the GM’s discretion, and is subject to change at any time. As any roleplaying campaign does. If there are issues with suspected bias, favoritism, or discrimination, please reach out to leadership.Monsters and NPC’s all have AC scores dependent on the characters themselves. Player Characters AC scores are based on their class's role. (See “Defending” below)

Dice Rolling

When rolling dice in any chat your typing bar must be in that channel because you can't do two slash commands in one line of text.
/p then press enter
/dice 20
/fc then press enter
/dice 20
This will lock it to that channel specifically and only those who can see that channel will see your roll.Otherwise /random 20 will do if you are in /say (which is default)Sometimes dice rolls will be poor, as DMs we do make up things on the fly to accomdate for crappy rolls. Sometimes we lower the DC or we have players rerolls. We have all been victimized by the /dice /random commands.


During combat, initiative will be based on a base /random 20 score. This will set the pace for turn order during combat in which players can attack, interact, or request certain actions during the active combat period. Speaking is, of course, a free action. But the passage of time during turns is limited. Talking does take up time, though not much.ROLL DICE FIRST THEN ENTER EMOTE BASED ON ROLLWhen it's a player's turn, they may use a movement action, standard action, and bonus action at the GM’s discretion. Other player abilities may affect this. There is no order requirement for these actions, and can be taken in any order the player prefers depending on the sequence.Actions include: Attacking, weapon skills, spellcasting, Skill checks, and other interactions based on the GM’s discretion.If a player wishes to attack, or execute an ability, the player must roll first, and emote accordingly to their roll based on success or failure (dms discretion).Playable characters have 5 HP.

Attack and Defense

When a player attacks using a physical attack, spell, or ability, they will need to make a /random 20 check to succeed. Based on the enemy, current conditions, and character abilities, this roll is modified. Upon a successful attack, the player does One damage to their target. If the player rolls a 20 on their roll. No modifier is applied from either end and it is automatically a critical success. In which, the player deals double the normal damage to the target. This can also affect the target in other ways if the situation calls for it. If a player is attacking an enemy with an element, and the enemy is vulnerable to said element, the attack deals double its normal damage. On the contrary. If the enemy is strong against the element. The player rolls the attack with a penalty.If a player, or NPC is being attacked, they are assigned a general AC (armor class) score. This score is dependent on the character or NPC’s role. Example: Alfric is a more armored individual, who will boast a higher AC score than Elise who is a healer, or ranged specialist. When there is an instance that the attacker meets the AC of a player or NPC. The attacker wins the roll.Generally, AC scores are based on the role your primary class provides in game:Healers/Ranged Magical DPS: 10
Ranged Physical DPS: 11
Melee DPS: 12
Tanks: 13
For the sake of simplicity, Blue Mages are considered Ranged Magical DPS for their role in this system.All players characters have 5 HP


During roleplay, circumstances may occur that might affect a roll’s outcome. A positive effect is called Advantage, while a negative effect is called Disadvantage. Mechanically, both call for the player to roll twice. Advantage means you pick the higher of the two rolls, while Disadvantage means you pick the lower of the two rolls. These circumstances are determined by the GM based on context.

Event and Field Interactions

Most of the event content is focused on the situation, or current events going on. These include dialogue, stage setting, information gathering, and much more. The flexibility of these instances are what let your character shine as an individual. During these periods, characters are free to exchange conversations with each other, or NPC’s. Furthermore, the GM may message players to let them know they may sense or notice something others do not to push the narrative along. All roles are subject to character abilities, subjective circumstance, and current event happenings.General example: Alfric wants to look at footsteps to see where they lead. Alfric would make a /random 20 check. And may gain a bonus on the roll to ascertain where and when the footsteps, and the footprints were made, and where they are headed.

Limit Points

More coming soon here

Sparring/PVP Rules

These rules are put in place for players who are consenting to sparring in a designated location. These rules are subject to change without warning to ensure that things are fair and balanced for all players. If you are found to continuously exploit a loophole and/or not follow the rules, you may be disqualified from future sparring nights. It is recommended that if you see an exploit or a loophole, that you bring it to the attention of leadership. Basic free company rules still apply.

The Basic Rules

All persons will follow these rules

No killing/maiming/serious injury - Minor injuries such as bruises, cuts and scrapes are expected and acceptable consequences of a duel. However, serious injuries that can permanently alter a character (loss of limbs, inflicting permanent disability, etc.) and death are not. In addition, the defender ultimately decides what effect the action had, not the attacker.Non-lethal attacks and abilities only - Ranged weapon users must use non-lethal ammo and cannot aim fatally. For magic, weapon skills, abilities and technology, it must be reduced in strength or rendered in such a way that it cannot kill or seriously harm the target. Training weapons will be provided as needed for participants. No lethal weapons will be allowed, and blows cannot be deliberately aimed at the head or the groin. You also may not intentionally inflict serious injury to your opponent, such as trying to break their leg. Alchemy/drugs are also prohibited.No animals/minions/pets - This is between you and your opponent only. There will be no outside interference from other living things. This also includes living weapons and armor.Everyone fights healthy - If you or your opponent are already seriously injured (more than just cuts/scrapes/bruises), the injured party is in no condition to fight and they cannot duel.Don't oversell or undersell damage - While the defender decides the effects of actions, remember to be realistic when emoting the effects of an attacker's actions on your character. A punch to the jaw won't cause your character to die or turn into a fountain of blood. Conversely, your character isn't so strong that punching their jaw will be like punching the jaw of Superman. Nobody likes drama queens or god-moders.

Attack, Defense, and Rolls

When a duel is initiated, all rolls are done in say chat (/s) using /random 20 with no modifiers. Each player will roll initiative to determine who attacks first. The attacker will emote their action with an open ended emote that the defending player can respond to, followed by a dice roll. The defender then rolls their dice to determine if they're able to successfully defend, and emotes appropriately based on the attacker's action.Once the defender emotes their reaction, the roles switch, meaning the defender is now the attacker and vice versa. Roles will continue to switch with each completed turn.Do not assume that you attack is going to hit. Using assumptive text and wording will allow you to get creative with your descriptions of the attack and the defense. You can be as silly or as serious as you want. Trash talking is encouraged. But remember this is all for fun.Example:Leiv winds his arm back before stepping forward with a sharp right hook aimed at Alfric's jaw.Leiv rolls a 17Alfric rolls a 12Leiv gets the point for this roundAlfric's head reels back with a grunt as the fist collides with his head, forcing him to stagger backwards. But only for a moment as Alfric pounces into action using his gunblade loaded with practice cartridges to take aim and fire a foam dart at Leiv.Alfric rolls a 19Leiv rolls a 2And so on.What about critical hits/fails?In efforts to keep this as simple as possible, we are not allowing critical strikes or fails. It is simply highest numbers wins. This is to ensure that the fight remains fair for anyone who wants to spar.


A mender will be present with the ability to heal your character back to full working order depending on the level of damage that your character has taken. Bumps, bruises and scraps or minor cuts will be handled easily, but broken bones do need a couple days to heal, even with magic.

Winning and Ties

Naturally, the goal is win the spar. So how do you do that?Best of five wins.You need a minimum of three points to win a spar. Every successful attack made by an attacker awards them one point. Once a character wins the duel and the duel is over, the winning action and roll deal the decisive blow, but the defender is still in control of the damage done from the blow.In the event that both the attacker and the defender tie, the attacker wins/succeeds by default

The Intrepid Coalition rules for sparring are heavily inspired from the rules and system used by the Grindstone Tournament

General Rules

Real Life ALWAYS comes firstReal life comes first no matter what. If someone has to bail on an activity, or is unable to make it, do not shame them. Get over it and move on.<IC-RP> Members are required to maintain membership in the Discord server.Discord is the social and administrative hub for <IC-RP>, for this reason membership is mandatory. If you cannot or will not comply with this, we may not be the FC for you. We do not make many announcements, do not mute the announcement channel please. Turning off @everyone and @here is acceptable, but please leave your coalition and FC roles with allowances for notifications as you may miss something important.Be courteous to your fellow membersThis is common sense, but any gaslighting, hate speech, bullying, or behavior found to be offensive is not allowed. It is okay to pick and tease within reasons, but if you sense that you are being targeted too much or it is beginning to bother you, please speak up. If you are not comfortable with this, reach out to a member of leadership.Keep all political/heavily religious talk to DMs. This extends to the FC Chat and associated linkshells.Please note we will not monitor or get involved in private DM conversations between members regarding this matter. Should you wish to engage another in this matter you are responsible for moderating your own emotions on the matter being discussed.Be mindful joking about controversial topics/current events. If you think it may be an issue, do not post it.What may be funny to you, may be poor taste to another. While it is not a kickable on the first offense, you will be warned by leadership, it will be noted and if it happens again you will be dismissed.While this is a 18+ FC do not post pornography or pornographic links, anything illicit or illegal in the open discord channels.We do offer NSFW channels, entering that chat channel is at your own risk and we are not to be held responsible for what you may see in those channels. They however, do have their own rules and limitations.Please keep channels on topic in the discord server as much as possible. If an admin requests it be moved, move to the referenced channel.We have a variety of channels and locations in which things can go. Be sure to learn what each channel is used for and if you are unsure where to place it, ask first.RMTs are strictly prohibited.It goes against the TOS of the game worse than modifications to your character. If we discover that you are participating in RMT, you will be dismissed with no second chances.ModificationsDon’t talk about them in game. Don’t ask about them in game. Don’t mention people by name in game who may or may not be using modifications to their character. Don’t use them to cheat.

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Roleplaying Rules

Roleplaying Rules for Intrepid Coalition

1) Keep IC & OOC Separate.What happens in character does not reflect the views of the player or the company. Know and understand this difference. In-character (ic) interactions do not constitute relationships or views of the player outside of character. We are not a dating service for RL. They have apps for that elsewhere.2) All Characters must be Lore Compliant.We pride ourselves on our imagination, originality and our creativity. There is plenty of room in this world for your creativity so long as it is within reason and fits within the lore of FFXIV.3) No God-modding, Meta-gaming, Etc.Do not use OOC knowledge your character wouldn't know in RP. Do not auto-hit others, be invincible, etc. Everything should be assumed but not automatic and the rolls should be made if requested.4) Consent should always be used, and requested, for OOC and IC situations that involve any overly dark or mature themes. No means No.Do not be afraid to ask if someone is okay with something, especially when it comes to topics that are sensitive/mature/dark in their nature. Consent can be revoked at any time. If you are no longer comfortable with a topic or a situation, tell the party to stop. The other party will be expected to comply with this, if this does not happen, bring it to a member of leadership immediately.5) IC Actions = IC Consequences.Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. Got hurt in combat? Expect recovery time. Draw a weapon on someone, expect them to react accordingly. Consider how something might happen if it were in the real world.6) Do not be offended if the RP does not go as you intended.Try as you might to plan something and it gets derailed by another player's action/reaction. If your character says or does something that derails the scene from what was planned, roll with it rather than getting upset that your idea didn't work. Monkey wrenches should always be expected when writing scenes with others.7) No Erotic Roleplay (ERP) in public chats or soliciting ERP in FC channels.Keep it to party chat if you are going to be public about it and keep your clothes on. Keep it behind a locked door. We do not want to see it out in the open. While you wear the <IC-RP> tag you are expect to have some decorum and use common sense.9) All RP on Coalition grounds is Public RP and RP tag should be used.Anyone can join at any time and should be included without question. We strive to be friendly folk when it comes to roleplaying with others. If you wish to be private, then do so in private areas.10) Some classes require a soul stone, some do not. Some are downright illegal in lore.Most soul stones are rare, some excessively so, some are downright illegal lore wise to own (WHM/BLM), some are practically thrown at anyone who signs up for that job in lore (MCH) and some are just downright questionable as to if you should have it given their nature (RPR). If you have questions about the lore, regarding a class, please ask. We are more than willing to work with you to make sure you are playing things appropriately and lore compliant. Remember you are not a white mage, or a black mage, you're a knowledgeable conjuror or thaumaturge.TLDR: YOU CAN'T BE A BLACKMAGE, WHITEMAGE OR REAPER icly in this FC11.) Regarding voidsent and the first.As with many roleplaying communities, we too, do not allow voidsent/sin eaters, pacts or actual beings. In regards to the first, as it stands, that shard is strictly accessible by the WOL. Thus playing as someone from the first/the void is not allowed.

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